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Best time of the year to plan a wedding in Goa

Best time of the year to plan a wedding in Goa

There is no fixed time to plan a wedding and it would mainly depend on the type of wedding you are planning, but overall, most weddings are planned in the winter months since the weather is more suited for weddings and their attire. Most weddings take place at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new one, from the months of October to March. These months have the right mix of cold and warm, without having to worry about a sudden downpour, for a wedding.

Recent times have also seen monsoon weddings and these are great but have to go through a lot of coordination since the rains in Goa are quite unpredictable. They are quite heavy and should not end up with a reception full of soaked guests.

Summer weddings are ideal for the beach, but the couple tying the knot would have to account for the right beach, that has shade since the afternoons or even evenings can get quite hot. The last thing that anyone wants on their wedding is a heat stroke.

Overall though, if we are getting into the details of wedding preparations, it would have to be handled at least a year in advance. Most of the venues might end up booked out if you are trying for a last minute stunt. Secondly, the wedding date is only settled on after the church preparations have been made since this also does take some time.

Whether your have a mid-sized guest list or plan for an intimate gathering, it is important to book venues, vendors and accommodation at least six months in advance. 

No matter when you are planning your wedding, get in touch with  SITD  Pannjim Goa and they will set you up.


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